Snow White – Winter Family Musical

Bonnnie Lythgoe Productions
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Signage Design
Social Media
Web Design

Rogue Studios was lucky enough to be introduced to the great Bonnie Lythgoe and her team while they were paving the way for a new era of modern day pantomimes down under. They needed a creative partner that could create all the visual identity of their products.

It began in Sydney in 2014 with Snow White. The brief was “make this look good, its in your hands”. I researched the characters and prepared for the photo shoot, which we were to direct. We had a clear direction in mind for the visuals, and worked with the cast and crew to achieve the results.

The decision made to have the key art designed differently to traditional English pantomimes was to tell a story visually.

We wanted to ensure the talent did not simply look like they are in fancy dress, but are fully fleshed characters that you are compelled to watch.

The design achieved that, was widely praised and recognised and most importantly the Pantomime was a success.
Aladdin and his Wondrous Lamp and Cinderella followed the success of Snow White. Again the brief was, well brief.
“Do what you did before, amaze us again”

The main objective of the key art and marketing campaign is to tell the story of the show visually, clearly and creatively as possible to encourage ticket sales for people ranging from 3 – 103. We achieved that and had lots of fun doing it.