Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

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Rogue Studios was lucky enough to be introduced to the great Bonnie Lythgoe and her team while they were paving the way for a new era of modern day pantomimes down under. They needed a creative partner that could create a visual identity for their musical Pantomimes. Over the past four years there have been many successful campaigns with the current one being The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in Return to Pantoland.
The creative decision was made by Rogue Studios to have the key art designed differently to traditional templated English pantomimes. Each character image was created to tell a story visually and enhance the overall experience for the reader and viewer of the production.
Bonnie Lythgoe Productions
Rogue Studios

Creative Director / Graphic Design: Ryan Turner
Character Photography: Robert Catto
Additional Tiger Lilly Photography: David linnet

Working together with Director Bonnie Lythgoe and Executive Producer Christopher Wood, Rogue Studios was tasked to art direct photoshoot, design and produce the artwork for the 2017 musical production of The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in Return to Pantoland. The brief was simple, “Make this look good, its in your hands”, the process however, was extensive. It began with consultation of storylines and character analysis, overall theming of production, creative guidance and direction for the shoot with cast along with post-production, graphic imagery, typography and layout. This was all combined to create a visual spectacle for the current production.

Traditionally, Pantomimes in the UK follow a standard template for design with simply the cast standing in costume with the same fonts, logos, stars and swirls.
They wanted something different. The idea was to show that this is not an amateur production, but one that is of high production value, with an amazing cast.
The aim was to take the reader on a stunning visual tour of Neverland and give an insight into the world in which they inhabit. The design achieved that, has been widely praised and most importantly the Pantomime was a success.

The overall design challenge was to ensure the talent did not simply look like they are in fancy dress, but are fully fleshed characters that you are compelled to watch.
Many of the images and backgrounds had to be digitally created, as we shot on a simple black background with the lighting to reflect a moon in the background.
Individually, there was 2 key characters not available for the photo shoot. All that was supplied was head shots. So, the challenge was to find stock photography that would suit not only the cast member but the overall theming of the production and seamlessly integrate the headshot into the final art.
Examples below demonstrate the before and after photo shoot, displaying the design challenges and outcomes.

The main objective of the key art, marketing campaign and programme was to tell the story of the show visually, clearly and creatively as possible for people ranging from 3 – 103. We also wanted people to look back through the programme and remember the show and the characters as they saw them on stage. We achieved that and had lots of fun doing it.
The feedback from readers has been hugely positive revealing that this is the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful production, and various producers have noted it is setting a new standard for programmes.